1. Definitions:
    1. “Clothing Drive” means: a philanthropic activity that requests clothing donations.
    2. “Clothing Bags” means: a bag containing 15 pounds of reusable clothing or shoes.
    3. “Clothing Drive Form” means: the form available on Ameritex’s website.
    4. “Designated Entity” means: the non-profit or other entity located in New Jersey or Pennsylvania designated by the customer on the Clothing Drive Form.
  2. Ameritex reserves the right to do the following with regard to a Clothing Drive:
    1. In the event that Ameritex determines at the date of the Clothing Drive that there will be an insufficient number of Clothing Bags, Ameritex may cancel and/or reschedule the Clothing Drive.
    2. Ameritex may reject performing services in connection with a Clothing Drive in the event it determines that the clothing obtained or to be obtained at the Clothing Drive is not, or will not be, in reusable condition.
  3. Amount Paid to Designated Entity:
    1. After Ameritex receives the completed Clothing Drive Form and prior to the date of the Clothing Drive, Ameritex will send the customer an email with the monetary amount per pound that Ameritex will pay the Designated Entity under the terms set forth herein and in the email.
    2. In the event that the number of Clothing Bags obtained from the Clothing Drive for pick-up is less than 250 Clothing Bags or if the customer does not confirm to Ameritex the number of Clothing Bags for pick-up, then Ameritex in its discretion may cancel and/or reschedule the pick-up of the Clothing Drive.
    3. The weight of the Clothing Bags shall include reusable clothing, shoes, linens, housewares, bric-a-brac and the items listed under our “Acceptable Items” page. Ameritex shall use it’s calibrated scales to determine the weight of the Clothing Bags. The weight of the Clothing Bags as set forth on Ameritex’s scales, which Ameritex reports to the Designated Entity, shall be binding on the Designated Entity in determining the payment by Ameritex to the Designated Entity.
    4. For all Drop Offs at the facility, there will be a tab created and the customer will have the option of keeping the tab open or closed.
  4. Data Ameritex Collects:
    1. The Clothing Drive Form must be accurately completed in order for Ameritex to schedule and perform services at a Clothing Drive.
    2. The completed Clothing Drive Form will be transmitted to drivers and others retained by Ameritex to perform services and pick-up clothing at the Clothing Drive.
    3. Ameritex may use the name of the Clothing Drive and pictures of individuals obtained at the Clothing Drive in its Website and other electronic media and marketing materials.
  5. Policy Changes:
    1. Ameritex reserves that the right to modify these Policy and Privacy Terms and Conditions at any time, which will be emailed at the time the Clothing Drive Form is filled out.
  6. Conditions to Using Ameritex Services:
    1. A customer must be at least 18 years of age or older in order to complete and submit to Ameritex the Clothing Drive Form. Ameritex shall not be required to perform any services in connection with a Clothing Drive if the Clothing Drive Form is completed by a person under 18 years of age.
    2. No person associated with the Clothing Drive is permitted to access the truck that picks up the Clothing Bags from the Clothing Drive for Ameritex. If a person accesses the truck, the person does so at their own risk, without any liability to Ameritex, its employees or its vendors.
    3. Other terms and conditions as are set forth in the emails sent to customer by Ameritex.
  7. Acknowledgments, Agreements and Disclaimer:
    1. Customer acknowledges that Ameritex is a for profit corporation.
    2. Customer understands and agrees the contents of the Clothing Bags at the time the Clothing Bags are placed on the truck at the Clothing Drive site or are dropped off at Ameritex’s warehouse, as the case may be, and the proceeds from the sale of the contents of those Clothing Bags, are the sole property of Ameritex.
    3. Ameritex will use commercially reasonable efforts to pick-up the Clothing Bags at the designated time and place, but due to conditions, including but not limited to those related to traffic and availability of trucks, cannot guarantee the pick-up time and date.
    4. Ameritex shall make payment to the Designated Entity as set forth in Paragraph 4.